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If you are thinking to buy a router to setup wireless internet for your home and office, then you can choose router from popular brands like TP-Link or D-Link. There are many others routers available in the market from popular brands and stores. You should buy the router to follow the router performance and the router. You should read the router review about the performance and quality with durability. You can compare those devices with one another. But I suggest users to buy a router from TP-Link and D-Link. Because of the reputation, those devices are very popular. You can order online or buy the device from local store.
After buying device, you must think of the setup the settings for router and Wi-Fi. This is not very difficult task and this is why you should read the router manual and this article which has been written for all of the users who are new and old. Users need to read all of the instructions from the routers and collect login detail from the manual and the papers of the routers. Login detail means the default IP address, username and password. The default IP address of TP-Link and D-Link is
The router manual comes in the router device box. You need to bring the instruction manual and read it. Shortly, you will be clarified about the Wi-Fi and router. The default IP address of the routers TP-Link and D-Link has many uses and you can easily manage the IP address for using all of the necessary work. The IP address is also used for login to the control panel of the device and the same IP address can be used for checking the connection of the connection and router. All of the process are easy and later I will explain more.
Few models of the broadband routers use the IP address and you have to use a browser what you will use as a tool. On the browser address bar, you need to type the IP address and when you hit enter button, then you can login to the routers. You can click on the Go button from browser. If other things are ok, then you will see the login screen of the router. If you do not see the login screen of the router, then you should check the IP address that you have used and other things which I will discuss later.
The IP address and other related things are important for login to the router control panel but you need only the IP address for many uses of the router for the next time. With the IP address, you can identify the connection and communication between the router and computer. You need to change the default IP address for avoiding the IP address confliction. If you read the router manual only, then you may not get all of the things in the manual. That is why, you need help from this article.
Many types problem may occur in the router for Wi-Fi internet. You need to solve all of those things. However, fist I should talk about the login screen problem. If you type the IP address on the browser address bar and after hitting on the Enter button from the keyboard, you do not see the login screen, then you should check the firewall. It is found that the firewall blocks the IP address in many reason and virus or suspicious link is the major reasons. If the problem occurs from the firewall, then you have to unblock the IP address from the firewall and then try again.
Sometimes the IP address may not work and this is why you should set up IP address in the network from the control panel of the router. When you set up the IP address on the network of router then you can work with the IP address. Now you can try to log in to the router control panel with the IP address and follow the instruction from above. You should reset the router if the IP address does not work after setup. If still the problem continuous, then you should contact with vendor.
Another problem, you may face from the IP address and the problem is called IP confliction problem. The IP confliction problem occurs from the networking devices. When multiple devices run in same network with same IP address, then the problem occurs. In this case, you have to change the IP address from all of the devices and setup a new IP address. This new IP address is called the manual IP address. When you want to setup the manual IP address, then you need to follow some rules what you need to know. In the next paragraph, it will be discussed.
First, when you want or need to change the default IP address, then you need to confirm the IP class. As, the IP address begins with the 192.168, then this IP address is from Class C. Usually, home routers are available at cheap price and the router supports from Class C. You cannot change the IP address from the front. Because if you try to do so, then the router does not let you do so and the first part of the IP address contains the introduction of the IP address class. That is why, you cannot change the IP address from front.
You need to change the IP address from the back side of the IP address. It means that you can change the IP address from the place of X of the IP address 192.168.X.X. So, you can setup the IP address or If you want to change the IP address and put a new number in the place of X, then you need to put the number based on the number range from 0 to 255. You cannot put any number beyond the number range. If you try to put any number in the X position beyond the number range, then the device does not let you to save it.
I hope, you have completed reading this article and you have learned many things from the article. You must not avoid reading the router manual. If you want to learn more and read more about the IP address, router and Wi-Fi, then you can visit other websites where you will get related articles and information. You can use YouTube site for the video instruction for the router installation. So, there is no better way to know more about the router installation.